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Ancient Spaces


A poster zine developed in partnership with the Norfolk Broads Authority; highlightig the abundance of archeological sites around the Broads National Park.

Ancient Spaces Poster
poster zine front
poster zine back

Ancient Spaces is an exploration of many different facets of the Broads, such as its social and political history, while also taking inspiration from the landscape and geological factors, as well as the archaeological artefacts themselves. The poster zine is not only intended as an educational resource, but rather as a philosophical and visual contemplation of the Norfolk landscape.

Archaeology can perhaps seem like a slightly dry topic to introduce to an audience, so I want to break this perception through highlighting some of the Broads hidden treasures. In fact, there are a number of equally fascinating aspects that play into the history of the Broads: its unique geology, political and social histories, as well as a religious and spiritual past.
My illustrations for this project are ultimately an expression of curiosity, looking deeper at the unassuming landscapes that have been defined by human interaction for millennia. I want to encourage people of all ages to go out into these ancient spaces, to learn about their histories and the landscape that has been shaped by so many people before them; and to consider that these spaces are not permanent – that they require conservation in order to survive.

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